Tennis Challenge - Sturgis Fest

Saturday, June 23, 2018 • 09:00 am

The Sturgis Fest Challenge is organized as a Universal Tennis events. Universal Tennis events are organized based on skill level called a Universal Tennis Rating rather than age or gender. This year's tournament will be broken into 4 classes 1) Beginner = UTR 1-2 = NTRP <2.5. These players are capable of playing a match, but really just figuring things out. All but the best middle school players would be in this group. 2) Intermediate = UTR 3-5 = NTRP 2.5-4.0. High school varsity level players. 3) Advanced = UTR 6-8 = NTRP 4.5 Women/4.0-4.5 Men. High level high school players to people with some college playing experience. 4) College/Pro = UTR 9+ NTRP 5.0+. Could play college tennis today. In groups 1-3, all players will have the opportunity to play in at least 3 matches during the weekend. Group 4 is a first-match loser consolation so all players are guaranteed two matches. If we find a sponsor quickly to put up $500, we will provide prize money to the finalists in group 4. Players can register for Universal Tennis by going to universaltennis.com It is free. They can register for the tournament by going to http://events.universaltennis.com/tournaments/1418/. The fee for the tournament is $30 and is paid through PayPal.

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