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Originally hailing from Sturgis, Michigan, Los Angeles-based artist Jamie Drake is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who has been making waves in the music industry with her unique blend of folk, bossa nova, and indie pop. Her latest album “New Girl” takes inspiration from the early 1970s Laurel Canyon folk scene as well as Brazilian Rio de Janeiro culture to create an emotionally brave record that reflects on life’s struggles while still maintaining hope and purpose. With 11 songs primarily recorded in single vocal takes, this album showcases Drake’s ability to evolve as a dynamic artist while also staying true to her roots. Read on to find out more about this captivating new release!

Jamie Drake first started gaining traction when she covered Spotify’s “Modern Eclectic” playlist for over a year and a half – winning her attention from fans across the globe during a time when playing live had become impossible due to the pandemic. Now, after months of preparation, she is ready to share with us what she has been working on – “New Girl” which was released this June 2022. The influence behind “New Girl” came from Getz /

Gilberto ‘76 which Jamie discovered for the first time while in quarantine. She instantly knew that this was the direction she wanted to take with her new music and felt an immediate connection to it. So, when Rich Jacques heard one of Jamie’s newest songs during his stay in LA he said “Jamie, you have something special here. Let’s do this!”

This project is a beautiful combination of Jamie’s raw lyrics and songwriting combined with Rich Jacques’s production skills – creating an album that will move your soul with its honest storytelling and heartfelt performances. From head-bobbing folk tunes like “Easy

Target” to poignant heartfelt ballads like “When John Prine Died”, each track on the album speaks to different aspects of life and the emotions we feel. Jamie Drake has created something that is entirely unique and unlike anything else out there; it’s a record that will take you from tears to laughter in just one listen.

So, don’t miss out. Join us at SYCA April 13th 7:30 pm.


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