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Our Architectural Treasure

The Sturges-Young Center for the Arts provides a historically remarkable venue for performances that will engage and delight your audience! As with all great places, the beauty is in the details. Our 969-seat proscenium auditorium features mid-century modern design elements that have earned this facility a place on the list of Michigan Historical Places. Designed to showcase the performers who grace its stage, the auditorium offers full sound and stage lighting systems, cinematic projection, and a 28’ screen. The stage area is perfect for plays, lectures, film screenings, and corporate presentations, and offers 3 onstage dressing rooms, as well as ample loading room for sets and equipment.

Sturges-Young Center for the Arts
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What Makes this Stage Special

  • House Capacity: 969 seats, 6 wheelchair
  • Main Stage: 36’wide x 30’ deep
  • Proscenium: 36’ wide x 18’ high
  • Wings: Stage Right 9’ wide x 30’ deep; Stage Left 22’ wide x 36’ deep
  • Orchestra Pit: 39’wide x 8.5’ deep; 5’ below stage; Capacity 25
  • Full Theatrical Lighting and Sound Equipment
  • Dressing Rooms, Green Room and Restrooms


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